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What kind of carpet is called a "Removable Carpet Tile" ?

Removable carpet tile is a new generation residential carpet, but it’s also a lifestyle. Matace aims to redefine our perception of carpets. This means easy installation, quick removal or rearrangement, and simple replacement a piece at a time whenever you want. In other words, install as you like, remove as you want. 

Removable carpet tile is an upgrade from carpet tile. Removable carpets can be removed/installed/replaced with quick and ease. They are truly achieved glue-free, adhesive-free, and tape-free, while ensuring sufficient slip-resistance.

Use removable carpet tiles is a no worries option.

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How to achieve removable?

In order to complete installation and disassembling in an ultimate efficient way, we removed all unnecessary steps and accessories.

Matace is committed to fixing the carpet in the most simplified way. For instance, We do not use glue or double-sided tape on the backing. We use polymer materials to fix the carpet on the floor through static friction. Thus, Matace removable carpet tiles will not damage your floor or leave marks behind. We prefer to call it "suction."

And removing/replacing carpet tiles can be as simple as just picking them up.

Removable Carpet Tiles VS Traditional Carpet Tiles


When installing traditional carpet tiles, you need to read the instructions carefully and use the installation accessories correctly to pack the carpet and install it well. Matace removable carpet tiles only require you to mop the floor clean first, then start installation right away. Go where your own ideas lead you.


Residential carpet tiles evolved from commercial carpet tiles, which sacrificed comfort in exchange for better abrasion resistance to cope with the demand of high traffic areas. Matace uses more comfortable materials and is specifically designed for residential use.

Cleaning And Maintenance

If you use traditional carpets, you may have spent considerable money and time trying to keep them clean. Matace removable carpet tile is undoubtedly a smarter choice.

Who is not suitable for using removable carpet tiles?

If you never drink coffee and other beverages or eat on the carpet. 

If your landlord will clean your carpets for free every month.

If you can think of other reasons our Matace Removable Carpet Tile is not for you, please feel free to leave comments on our socials help us improve.

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