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Matace Carpet - A Smarter Choice

Matace was founded in 2019 by a group of carpet and cleaning industry professionals who found that people waste abundant resources and cause more environmental pollution when using and cleaning carpets. Removable carpets are easier to install, less expensive to clean and more fun to use than traditional unremovable carpets. Matace will continue to develop different materials and styles of removable carpets so that everyone will be able to enjoy their carpets that are easier, more fun, and more affordable.

Matace Removable Carpet's design is based on our innovation and development of glue-free adhesive material, which we named it Mecko Backing System, which will continue to be optimized and upgraded with more comfortable and stain-resistant carpet fibers, making the Matace Removable Carpet easier, more affordable, and more fun. When you need a carpet, Matace would be a smarter choice.

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More Efficient Removal & Installation

If you have ever seen an advertisement for assembled carpets, you might have seen something like, "We have uniquely designed carpet stickers that allow you to assemble multiple patterns together." Matace aims at ultimate efficiency, with seamless installation and removal any time. No cumbersome arrangements and adjustments necessary! More importantly, Matace's backing does not contain glue, so you don’t have to worry about residues on the floor.

Never Sacrifice Comfort

Carpet tiles have been used on commercial premises for more than 10 years. Most commercial carpet tiles are suitable for high traffic areas, and their surface is wear-resistant, but they typically compromise on comfort. Our models use cut pile, and our twist level is more than 6 tpi, which perfectly retains the elegance and comfort of plush carpet. With our advanced design, we can help you maintain the nobility of your carpet with ease, without sacrificing comfort.

Easy to Replace, Easy to Clean

Single piece replaceability allows you to quickly refresh your room. You can even move your carpets from the sofa to the window in an instant. You can clean any section of soiled carpet with ease. We recommend purchasing 10% excess area than you plan to cover and keep this extra in storage for fast replacement. How about that? Matace can help you become a life hacker.

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