Removable Carpet Planks: Mint Green | 8 tiles - 21.52 Sq Ft | Matace Carpet

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Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 01
Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 03
Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 04
CP0010104_Matace Removable Carpet Tiles_Mint Green Colse-up
CP0010104_Matace Removable Carpet Tiles_Mint Green
Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 01
Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 03
Matace Removable Carpet Tile Green 04
CP0010104_Matace Removable Carpet Tiles_Mint Green Colse-up
CP0010104_Matace Removable Carpet Tiles_Mint Green

Removable Carpet Planks: Mint Green | 8 tiles - 21.52 Sq Ft | Matace Carpet

$169.00 USD Sale Save
Color 01.Mint Green
Size 9.84"x39.37"/tile
Package 8 tiles-21.52 SqFt/case

Enhance your indoor space with our plush carpet tiles. Style, clean and neat, make it rich in fashion, and integrate it into daily life. It is a wonderful addition to any bedroom, living room, or playroom. Get yours today!

Why should you buy these Plush Carpet Tiles?

✅ QUICK DIY INSTALLATION ---> With the smart removable carpet tiles, you can easily install and remove them from your carpet without using glue or tape.

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY ---> These plush carpet tiles measure 9.84" x 39.37" (25cm x 100cm) and are made from 100% PET polyester. These carpet tiles are stain, bleach, and fade resistant.

✅ ULTRA-COMFORTABLE ---> There are two kinds of removable carpet Tiles: those with a soft pile height of .7 inches and those with a backing thickness of .2 inches. These Carpet Tiles don't require any additional padding, providing unparalleled comfort.

✅ SEAMLESS APPEARANCE ---> Matace tiles are cut using proprietary technology that does not touch the face fiber, thus creating a seamless appearance. Matace tiles are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and children's rooms.

✅ EASY TO CLEAN ---> The carpet tiles can be removed for easy cleaning, but even pets or children can make a mess. When your carpets have stains and you need to clean them, you simply pick them up and clean them with clean water. This takes a very short amount of time.

Modern times have embraced simplicity as the pursuit of comfort and beauty. Your floor will be more attractive and convenient with plush carpet tiles. Don't delay. Shop now!

Material - 100% PET Polyester with Mecko backing system
Color System - 100% Solution Dyed
Construction - Tufting Yarn
Tile Size - 9.84" x 39.37"
Thickness - 1.13 in
Pile Weight - 78 oz/sq yd
Package - 8 tiles - 21.53 sq ft/ case
Traffic Type - Medium (This Traffic type works well across any use in the home)

Recommended Uses - Removable carpet tiles by Matace have been successful installed throughout the home in bedrooms, living rooms, kids rooms, dressing rooms, kitchens, basements and more.

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How to Install Carpet Tiles Without Adhesive?

How to Cut Carpet Tiles Myself?

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lisa T. (North Carolina, United States)
Will recommend

I like how these removable carpets are just simple and comfortable, its a solid product

F. W. (Texas, United States)
Works nicely

They works greatly, looks just like regular carpets, cant wait to stain them (not really)

Wanya S. (New York, United States)

its useful, great

Arima I. (Virginia, United States)
Excellent carpets with easy installation

I used these tiles in my basement so my family can walk around barefooted in the basement. At least that was the plan.

Dolores (Minnesota, United States)
Works well

Works well. Probably better for amateur installers.

Rita J.L. (California, United States)
Easy to place down

Easy to place down, Love the color and the thickness of the carpet.

Steven M. (Florida, United States)
A premium price, but a premium quality product

I was initially hesitant to make the purchase because it was priced a bit higher than some similar offerings, but it is well worth the price. The pieces are sturdy and connect together snugly so that there is almost no visible seam.

Jason K. (Texas, United States)
Not much variation

the color option is limited, would like darker colors

Eliot F. (California, United States)
Must buy

The adhesion is very strong and works perfectly on my hardwood floor. I?d highly recommend this product.

Elsie P. (New Jersey, United States)
Great for what I used it for

Okay but used it for my cats scratching worked well

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Frequently Asked Questions

Matace removable carpet tiles will not stick to your floor. We do not use glue or double-sided tape on the backing. We use polymer materials to fix the carpet on the floor through static friction. Thus, Matace carpet will not damage your floor or leave marks behind. We prefer to call it "suction".

First, mop your floor and waiting for it to dry. Then you can put the carpet tiles down one by one in any pattern you wish. That’s it!

If you are not satisfied with the rectangular installation method, you can also DIY Matace carpet into any shapes you like. Flip the carpet over against the floor, fuzzy side down. Mark your carpet the way you like. Use a carpet knife to cut from the back.

We designed the edges and corners, but they are discontinued. The edges of the carpet tiles are soft and comfortable. Trust me, you don't need them at all.

7 Layers Structure

Ultra-soft Surface Fiber
Providing unparalleled pedaling comfort.

Non-woven Base Layer
Ensure uniform pile density and provides optimum comfort.

Upper PVC Layer
Fixed surface fiber roots to prevent carpet lint.

Fiberglass Anti-curling Layer
Ensure carpet tile will not deform over long-term use.

Lower PVC Layer
Provides overall support, increases the rigidity of the carpet tiles.

Buffer Muffler Layer
Enjoy a safe and quiet floor without additional shock pads.

Adhesive-free Anti-slip Layer
Designed according to the Molecular Gravity principle.


Dye Method
100% Solution Dye
Fiber Content
100% PET Polyester
Product Construction
Tufting Yarn
Tile Size
9.84" x 39.37" (25cmx100cm)
Pile Density
Tuft Twist
Stitch Density
Machine Gauge
Pile Weight
78 oz/ yd2
Pile Height
0.91 in
1.13 in
Radiant Panel
(ASTM E - 648) Class 1
Smoke Density
(ASTM E - 662)
Static Kv
(AATCC - 134) < 3.0 KV
Light Fastness
Standard Backing
MECKO™ Backing
Monolithic, Brick, Herringbone, Stagger, Offset