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In a cozy room, there are lights sprinkled on matace rugs. Secondly, there are sofas and chairs in the room.

6 Things on Choosing Carpet for Living Room

Are you looking for the perfect carpet for your living room? It can be a tricky task, as the living room is a standard social hub for family and friends.  A good carpet for living room must be soft and durable enough to maintain comfort and bear foot traffic. You can either place shag rugs in suitable locations or install a single large carpet to furnish your living room.

Besides durability, you must pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of your space. An attractive carpet can instantly enhance the feel of your living area. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to find a carpet that is both budget-friendly and long-lasting. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect carpet for your living room.

1. Durability

When selecting a carpet for your living room, durability should be your top priority. Of course, no one wants a carpet that looks completely worn-out and old after minor foot traffic. That's why you should always look for a rug with solid fibre and high load resistance. An ideal carpet for living room has a high-density rating, face weight, and increased twisting capabilities that assure you that it will last in the long run. 

You can easily measure the carpet's durability before purchasing by twisting it back and forth. If wrinkles on the back lining are visible, the carpet doesn't have a high twisting capacity and isn't durable enough. In contrast, a carpet with having stiff structure and twisting resistance is ideal for the living room.

2. Style and color

The style and color of the carpet are also important factors to consider. Carpets come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can easily find one that complements your space. However, you can't pick any random colour or style and need to consider the interior of your living room and area to get the best carpet. 

If you want to give your living room a comprehensive look, go with a light-coloured carpet, but if the primary concern is cosiness, then dark-coloured carpets are the solution. You can also try neutral  colours to jazz up the interior of your living room and make it minimalist. Besides colours, you should also focus on the carpet style to give your living room a statement look. For instance, rectangular carpets suit smaller living rooms well, while round ones suit huge ones.

3. Material

Material is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a carpet for the living room. Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Triextra, etc., are some of the top carpet materials available in the market. 

Each material has unique properties, so it's suggested to go with the one that best suits your needs. Nylon is the commonly used one and has excellent features such as rigidness. Moreover, Olefin is a good choice but isn't very durable. So, choose the carpet material wisely, and don't let fancy and fragile fabrics mislead you.

4. Comfort level

Undoubtedly, durability should be your primary concern while looking for a carpet for your living room, but it doesn't mean you should compromise on comfort. Always go with a durable, comfy carpet, that provides you with proper warmth. Shag carpets are best in this regard, such as Matace's removable carpet tiles. These carpet tiles are made of stain-resistant polyester yarn and are washable by tap water. They are also slip-resistant and provide insulation.

5. Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is cleaning the green matace carpet.

Carpets bring out the best in your living room, but most rugs are very tough to clean. And as the living room is a shared family space, there are high chances of spillages and dirt. In such a scenario, a carpet with poor material and no cleaning ease or warranty can be a headache. So, to avoid this issue, you should select a carpet for the living room that's made of rigid material and is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, remember to check the carpet warranty, as an extended warranty can make cleanliness and maintenance easy for you. If you are bothered about cleaning, then it is recommended that you use Matace removable carpet. They are washable, which takes care of that concern.

6. Ease of installation

Imagine buying a carpet for living room that isn't easy to install, it seems scary, no? That's why it's essential to go with a rug that is easy to install and made of a flexible fibre - supposed to last long, irrespective of the surfaces. 

Matace Removable Carpet tiles belong to this category, and you can install them without spending any penny. All you've to do is mop your floor and install them wherever you want. You will see them immediately sticking to the surface as they used special backing material, which made by polymer materials utilizes the physics behind Molecular Gravity. It allows the carpets to be able to suck onto the floors like Gecko, instead of using any type of adhesives or tapes. It will not damage your floor or leave marks behind. 

Carpet tiles

If you want something with the ease of installation, smooth cleaning, versatility, & durability in a budget-friendly package, then Matace Carpet tiles can be a game changer. Unlike traditional carpets, these are individual squares of carpeting slotted together. They usually possess layered fibres in a solid backing reinforced by a secondary layer. As they are cost-effective, you can use them for residential and commercial carpeting. 

Features of Matace carpet tiles

The fantastic features of Matace carpet tiles are their cost-effectiveness and ease of handling. Here are some other notable characteristics and features of this smart solution you will like.


Unlike typical carpets, they are swiftly replaced and are well-maintained. Moreover, these removable carpet tiles allow you to make a unique living space that everyone admires. You can either replace them one by one or all together whenever and wherever you want to create a cosy look! 


Made of stain-resistant polyester yarn, carpet tiles are washable by tap water and resistant to wear and tear. It's suitable to wash the Matace carpet tiles in the washing machine. 

Quick installation

Unlike traditional rugs or carpets, carpet tiles are easy to install. You can quickly connect them together with minimum changes to the living room. There's no need for an additional adjustment or a professional installer, which makes them the first choice for many.

Special padding 

Special padding underneath the Matace carpet tiles makes them slip-resistant. It holds your carpet in place and provides insulation. Also, you will enjoy a noise-proof and comfortable space with your family.

Unique style 

Matace Carpet Tiles are clean, simple, and attractive. It makes them trendy and ideal for everyday use. They can add a colourful and beautiful sensation to your living room. Feel free to create customized designs in your living room as you like!

What problems and conveniences can carpet tiles solve for people

Being an alternative to traditional carpeting, carpet tiling can solve your many problems. Additionally, they require less space and have an easy installation at a reasonable cost.

Look at the perks you'll enjoy with the incredible Matace Carpet Tiles.

● Quick installation and doesn't harm your flooring.

● Very easy to transfer and handle

● Cleaning isn't an issue because everyone can clean and maintain them by themselves hassle-free

● A cost-saving and attractive alternative to traditional carpeting that suits your budget

● Available in different colours so you can create custom, colourful carpet designs

Buy removable carpet tiles from Matace

The choice of carpet could significantly influence the appearance and feel of your living room. Matace Carpet Tiles are a fantastic solution for your living space. These provide a great flooring experience with ease of installation and replacement. We use softer fibres, never sacrificing your comfort level.

Remember to look at our extensive range of advanced carpet tiles and rugs. They are ready-to-use carpet stickers that one can fix themselves. Please choose from our modern selection of attractive, colourful, and removable carpet tiles for your living room.

 Contact us now to discover your dream carpets and furnish a unique living room like never!

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Taylor Abrams - March 9, 2023

Thanks for pointing out that in choosing a carpet for your living room, durability should undoubtedly be your first priority. But, this does not mean you should sacrifice comfort. My mom’s remodeling her living room and wants to replace or cover her antique floor tiles with a carpet install. I’m sure she can use your article for guidance so thanks a lot for the helpful tips.

Elina Brooks - February 22, 2023

I found it helpful when you recommended getting light-colored carpets if we want a comprehensive look for our living room, but if we want to prioritize comfort and coziness, dark-colored carpets would be a better choice. I’m renovating my living room next week, so I plan to shop for a new carpet later. I’ll be sure to remember these suggestions while I go shopping for carpets this afternoon.

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