Matace Reviews Are In!

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Well worth the money!

So easy to use and it looks great.I really love the feel and the look!

Quality and value

Great value for the money.

Right flooring for the right application.

Very easy to install in our basement/home theater. Glad we bought extra tiles as they are now out of inventory of our color. Would buy again.

Done in 20 minutes

We had the entire project done in about 20 minutes. It looks great. keeps the floor from being too busy. We will definitely order more when we get our other sonKs room framed in.

Good looking carpet tiles

Great quality, easy to install. thick! looks great. Had an issue with UPS ruining a box of my shipment, but they shipped out a replacement quickly. Amazing customer service.

Need to stock up

I like what i bought, but the color option is a bit limited at the moment, hope they can stock up soon. yeah


They arrived super fast, were packaged well, and were super easy to install. It was fun trying to decide which tile went where. The effect was really nice and finished out the space neatly. Worth every penny!

It's fine

no fuss, just works, thumbs up

Go with decroration

The color might seem not interesting enough at first, but they work well and go with my space.

Easie piecie

I am not good with tools, was really pleased to find out how easy it is to install the carpets

Same as expected

Very easy to clean as shows, they are just fine

Good thickness

I have used other carpet tiles before and to be honest they were all a bit too thin for my expectation. I love how fluffy and cozy they are, would consider buying mroe

Color shift

This is my 2nd purchase. I think i will buy more

Great find

im happy about this choice, which is great compliment from me, lol

Looks like the real thing

It was used in my kids rooms for padding on hard was easy to install and looks great!


im on a budget while working on a remodeling, with these carpets I think I will have the nicer faucet. Anyway, it was a good buy

Eazy installation!

I see myself as a uaually tidey gal. But the installation is quick and simple and that's a lot for me, because if I can do it myself that means one less stranger I have to invite in...and in this time of the year that's actually a perk. Great deal!

Easy clean

I have two dogs and it puts my mind at ease to know I can just toss the carpet tiles in the wash or just replace a single piece if there are accidents.

Looks amazing

These carpet tiles were easier to assemble and looks amazing in our living room.Love it!


I ordered 8 packs for our bedroom, but received 9 of them? Checked the color and things are right, cream color as we want, but definitely 9 after counting for three times. We reached the CST and got replied 'six for one, as I purchased 8 of them, I got extra one for free'! Holy! they never mention this nowhere! Supposed to be a surprised bargain?

Should have known before

I did purchase of their removable carpet tiles for my new house, easy handling, and when i put them together, they look like one, really stick to the floor, didn't use any tape or fixer. Think about my old rug, was a sad story. It was nice and comfy too, but just couldn't remove cause i have no idea what to do with 3M adhesive in the back, so i had to leave it in old place. If only i knew this company 3 years earlier, maybe i really could have bring the carpet here?

Unexpected surprise

I'm truly impressed with this carpet tiles! I moved to a new place and needed carpet tiles asap! I've never purchased a carpet tiles with any luck before on other sites. I think I lucked out with this choice - I bought 5 cases of carpet tiles, I received 6 cases in total! It's an unexpected surprise. It helped me save a small fortune! lol
The tiles look just as good in person as they do on the site. It's very solid. Now, I can't wait to decorate the room!

Wonderful product!

Looks great in my living room. The carpet tiles can be removed piece by piece, so you can turn it into a different pattern to change the color of your room! Meanwhile, Love that I can wash spills individually instead of the whole carpet tiles. It's so convenient. Great company, and I will definitely buy more in the future.

Easy Clean

Nice rugs, comfy, steady! Point is so easy to clean! My daughter just tipped over coke 2 days ago, get 2 tiles dirty. Could be tons suffering before! But this time took me just 30 minutes to clean up, in soda water, on my own! I think the site is telling the right thing about what it sells, no hoops to jump thru. Strong recommend:)


Came very fast, great customer service, quality looks amazing, looking forward to place my order for my new home