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In-stock: ships in 2 days | Free US ground shipping

Return Policy

Last Updated: January 1, 2023


You can cancel an order at any time before processing.

For returns, contact our Customer Service at

If your order is eligible for the 180-day trial policy, returns/exchanges are accepted within 180 days of receipt. For other products, the return window is 30 days.

Products must adhere to return terms and conditions. Unauthorized returns are not accepted.

To make a return, we'll provide warehouse return information once confirmed.


Refunds are provided in the original payment form.

If a product is purchased using an offer code, the value of the offer code will not be refunded if any/all products are returned.

The refund is the total amount paid for the product(s) minus the value of offer codes/discounts, promotional items, and shipping fees.


If you return a product with promotional items, you may keep, return, donate, or dispose of the promotional items.

We only accept returns of unopened promotional items.

The value of promotional items will deducted from the product's return value.


We process exchanges as return and refund requests, except for manufacturing defect or warranty claims.

You may order a replacement product after returning the original item.


1. Contact us first if you have any questions or complaints.

2. For secure return shipping, we recommend UPS/Fedex and require a tracking number.

3. If you received incorrect items, contact us within 3 days at


If the return is due to our error (such as shipping wrong products or poor product quality), we will provide a full refund after receiving the return, and we will cover both shipping and return shipping costs.

If the return is the customer's responsibility (for reasons such as change of mind, incorrect product/size ordered, or unavoidable delays), the customer will be responsible for both shipping and return shipping costs.

Refund processing typically takes about 3 business days after we receive and evaluate the returned item.


Custom orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

We are not responsible for fees or exchange requirements due to incomplete or incorrect address information.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Please ensure to understand these conditions before making a purchase.