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Matace Carpet BFCM Ultimate Guide 2023 Carpets Rugs and Door Mats

Matace Carpet’s Black Friday 2023: Step into Unbeatable Deals and Surprises!

Greetings, dear Matace Carpet community and all who've just discovered our haven of exquisite carpeting!

As the leaves turn and the festive season approaches, Black Friday 2023 is almost upon us. True to tradition, we're pulling out all the stops to present you with deals and experiences that are second to none. Here's your ultimate guide to what awaits:

📆 Key Dates:

Event Duration: November 14th to November 27th
Shopping Hours: Our deals wake up with New York (EDT) and wrap up with Los Angeles (PST), gifting you an extra 3 hours to find your perfect match!

🛍 Exclusive Discounts:

November 14th to 27th: Dive into our collection and enjoy a flat 25% discount with the magic code: BFCM25.


🎁 Mystery Gifts for the Early Birds:

From November 14th to 20th: Every purchase will surprise you with a mystery gift. The value of these gifts will vary based on your order amount, ranging from $10 to an impressive $300! Whether it’s a chic Coffee Bar Mat, a premium Kitchen Rug, a fast dry Bathroom Mat, a machine washable Area Rug or a Neverstain™ Woven Vinyl Rug, there's something for everyone.

📣 Stay In The Know:

Starting November 6th, our website transforms into Black Friday Central. Look out for special banners, hot news flashes, and sneak peeks that'll only ramp up your excitement.

📱 Social Media Buzz:

For all the social butterflies, our Black Friday thrills are going viral! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok to ensure you don't miss a beat. 

🥂 A Note From Us:

At its heart, Matace Carpet’s Black Friday 2023 is more than just a sale; it's a grand celebration. A toast to timeless style, unmatched elegance, and the incredible community that is YOU. Embrace this opportunity to redefine your spaces and celebrate your style.

Time's fleeting, and these deals won't wait forever. Explore, dream, and bring those dreams to life with Matace Carpet’s signature offerings this Black Friday.

🚀 Quick Links to Our Stars:

Removable Carpet Tiles

Matace Plush Cut Pile Removable Carpet Tiles ATHENA Series Cream Squares Matace Plush Cut Pile Removable Carpet Tiles ATHENA Series Cream Planks High Pile Plush Removable Carpet Planks - SIREN Series Berber Removable Carpet Squares

Buffalo Plaid Kitchen Rugs

Matace Black and White Washable Buffalo Plaid Kitchen Rugs Matace Red and Black Washable Buffalo Plaid Kitchen Rugs

Coffee Bar Mats

Universal Drying Mats

Matace Life Inspiration Studio - Designer Coffee Bar Mat Matace Life Inspiration Studio - Designer Dish Drying Mat

Machine Washable Area Rugs

Bath Mats


Here's to beautiful spaces and joyous shopping moments!

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