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Pick The Right Carpet Material

Feature Of Nylon & Polyester Carpet 

Knowledge of some carpet fibers can extend the life of the floor. Our guide will help you make the best choice. One of the most important parts of choosing a carpet is to understand what it is made of because different carpet fibers have different characteristics. Before you go to the exhibition hall, please follow this guide to find out the type of room and traffic mode that suits you.

different carpet material



1. Most commonly used fiber; readily available in a wide range of colors and textures.

2. Good elasticity-very important in heavy traffic areas where furniture may be dragged across the carpet.

3. Abrasion resistant, surpassing even wool

4. Wear guarantees often available

5. Resilient; can be crushed for long periods and retain its original shape.

6. Responds very well to most professional cleaning



Methods and treatments. 

1. Can have problems with bleaching, fading, urine reactions, and so on. 

2. Synthetic, so it off-gases.

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1. Very resistant to bleaching, fading, and soil-dye reactions.

2. Resistant to water-based stains.



1. Difficult to dye; usually must be solution-dyed, which limits the variety

2. Not resistant to oily stains

3. Can mat down quickly and will not come back the way nylon does 

4. Synthetic, so it off-gases.

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