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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee: From Espresso to Cold Brew

Welcome to the vast and aromatic world of coffee, a beverage that has become a staple in cultures around the globe. Coffee's cultural significance stretches far and wide, serving as a centerpiece for social gatherings, a source of inspiration for artists, and a daily ritual for millions. The variety of brewing methods available today allows enthusiasts to explore a spectrum of flavors and textures, each method bringing out different characteristics of the beloved bean. From the robust intensity of a freshly brewed espresso to the gentle caress of a pour-over, coffee can be as diverse as the people who enjoy it. However, crafting the perfect cup often comes with its challenges, such as the common issue of liquid or powder spillage, which can mar surfaces and create unnecessary mess. This is where the importance of a coffee mat in any coffee-making setup becomes evident. Not only does it protect countertops from spills and stains, but it also adds an element of organization and style to the brewing process.

The Espresso Family


At the heart of many coffee favorites lies the espresso—a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans. Originating from Italy, the espresso is beloved for its rich flavor and creamy consistency. The technique used to brew it is an art and science, requiring precision and the right equipment to extract the coffee's full flavor without bitterness.

Cappuccino and Latte

Building on the foundation of espresso are popular drinks like the cappuccino and latte, both of which have carved their own niches in coffee culture. A cappuccino boasts a strong espresso base topped with equal parts steamed milk and milk foam, creating a rich yet balanced drink. The latte, on the other hand, features a more generous portion of steamed milk with a light layer of foam, making it creamier and milder in taste. The differences in milk to espresso ratio and texture play a significant role in distinguishing these beverages from one another.


For those who prefer a less intense coffee experience, the Americano offers a delightful alternative. Created by diluting an espresso shot with hot water, this drink maintains the espresso's rich flavor but with a lighter body, similar to that of traditionally brewed coffee. The Americano exemplifies the versatility of espresso, adapting its bold essence to suit a variety of taste preferences.


In the realm of espresso making, precision is key—not just in the brewing process but also in maintaining a clean and safe workspace. A coffee mat becomes an essential tool, protecting surfaces from the high pressures and potential spills that come with espresso extraction. Whether dealing with the forceful stream of an espresso machine or the meticulous pour for a latte, a coffee mat ensures that the focus remains on crafting the perfect cup, free from the worry of messes or damage to countertops.

A cup of Americano sits on a Matace coffee mat.

Filter Coffee Varieties

Drip Brew:

Drip brew coffee is a staple in many households and coffee shops due to its simplicity and efficiency. The process involves hot water slowly dripping through ground coffee, which is contained in a filter. The water then extracts the coffee's flavors and aromas, resulting in a clear and clean cup. The drip brew method is favored for its ability to produce a consistent and straightforward flavor profile, making it a morning favorite for many.

French Press:

The French press, also known as a press pot, offers a more hands-on brewing method. Coarse coffee grounds are steeped in hot water for several minutes before the mixture is separated by pressing down a metal or plastic plunger through a mesh sieve. The result is a rich, full-bodied coffee that retains much of its natural oils and sediments, offering a deeper flavor profile compared to other brewing methods.

Pour Over:

The pour-over method involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. The water then flows through the coffee, absorbing its flavors, and drips into a carafe or mug below. What sets pour-over apart is the control it offers over the brewing time and temperature, allowing for a customized cup that can highlight the unique characteristics of the coffee bean. The pour-over method is celebrated for its ability to produce a coffee with a cleaner taste and more pronounced acidity.


A coffee mat becomes particularly useful with filter coffee varieties, catching any drips from filters or presses and keeping work areas clean and dry. Whether it's a stray drop of water from a pour-over kettle or coffee grounds that escape from a French press, a coffee mat ensures these minor messes don't become a hassle, maintaining a tidy and inviting coffee brewing space.

Cold Coffee Creations

Cold Brew:

Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, usually 12 hours or more. This slow extraction process results in a coffee that is smooth, mellow, and less acidic than its hot-brewed counterparts. The unique flavor profile of cold brew coffee is characterized by its sweetness and robust body, making it a popular choice for those seeking a refreshing caffeine fix without the bitterness.

Iced Coffee:

Unlike cold brew, iced coffee is essentially hot coffee that has been cooled down and then served over ice. The brewing and cooling techniques can vary, but the essence of iced coffee is its brisk and revitalizing quality. It's important to differentiate between iced coffee and cold brew; iced coffee retains the acidity and flavor characteristics of its brewing method, offering a different experience from the smooth and sweet profile of cold brew.


In cold coffee preparation, a coffee mat proves invaluable for containing condensation and preventing water rings on surfaces. As ice melts in an iced coffee pitcher or condensation forms on the outside of a cold brew container, a coffee mat underneath these vessels catches the moisture, ensuring that countertops stay dry and spotless.

Exotic and Unique Coffee Drinks

Turkish Coffee:

Turkish coffee is a traditional brewing method known for its strong flavor and rich history. The coffee is finely ground to a powder and then simmered in water, often with sugar, in a special pot called a cezve. The resulting coffee is intense, thick, and served with the grounds settled at the bottom of the cup. Turkish coffee is not only a beverage but a cultural ritual, often accompanied by fortune telling from the coffee grounds left in the cup.


An affogato is a delightful marriage of dessert and coffee, typically consisting of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso. The contrast between the hot coffee and the cold ice cream creates a rich, creamy concoction that is both a dessert and a coffee treat. Affogato offers a unique experience that satisfies both sweet tooth cravings and the need for a caffeine boost.


When preparing exotic and unique coffee drinks like Turkish coffee or affogato, a coffee mat is an essential part of the setup. It not only prevents spills of fine coffee grounds or melted ice cream but also adds an element of style and sophistication to the coffee preparation process. Whether you're serving up a traditional Turkish coffee or a delightful affogato, a coffee mat ensures that your coffee crafting is both clean and chic.

The Matace Coffee Proverb coffee mat is placed under the espresso machine.

The Necessity of a Coffee Mat in Brewing

Protecting Surfaces:

Coffee mats serve an essential role in protecting kitchen countertops from the hazards of coffee making. They guard against stains from spills, scratches from the bottoms of machines or accessories, and heat damage from hot coffee pots or kettles. This protective layer ensures the longevity and pristine appearance of your countertops, making them an indispensable accessory in any coffee brewing setup.

Enhancing Cleanliness:

The use of a coffee mat significantly simplifies the cleanup process after brewing. By catching drips and spills, coffee mats contain the mess on an easily washable surface, preventing liquids from spreading across countertops. This not only makes cleaning quicker but also more efficient, maintaining a hygienic brewing area with minimal effort.

Aesthetic and Functional:

Beyond their practical benefits, coffee mats are available in a variety of designs and materials, allowing them to serve as a stylish addition to your coffee station. Whether you prefer the sleek look of PU leather or the natural vibe of rubber, there's a coffee mat to match every aesthetic. Their functional design complements any brewing setup, enhancing both the look and usability of your coffee-making space.

Introducing the Matace Coffee Mat

In the quest for the perfect coffee brewing setup, the Matace Coffee Mat emerges as a crucial component, ensuring both the protection of your surfaces and the enhancement of your brewing experience. Crafted with innovation and precision, the Matace Coffee Mat offers a blend of functionality and style that caters to the needs of every coffee aficionado.


Combining the durability of rubber with the absorbent qualities of PU leather, the Matace Coffee Mat is designed to handle the rigors of daily coffee preparation. Its construction not only absorbs spills and drips effectively but also provides a sturdy base for your coffee machine, kettle, and other accessories.


Available in two versatile sizes, 12" x 19" and 16" x 24", the Matace Coffee Mat is suited for a variety of kitchen spaces and setups. Its 1/6-inch thickness offers sufficient padding without being obtrusive, fitting seamlessly into your coffee station.


Rolled for convenience and ease of shipping, the Matace Coffee Mat arrives ready to be unrolled and placed in your desired location, immediately enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of your coffee brewing area.

Recommended Uses:

Beyond its primary function beneath coffee machines, this mat's versatility extends to serving as a kettle mat, juicer mat, dish drying mat, placemat, and even a pet feeding mat. Its universal size and the ability to trim for a custom fit make it a flexible addition to any kitchen.

Why Choose Matace Coffee Maker Mats?

  • Stain Protection: The absorbent PU leather surface quickly soaks up any coffee spills or drips, maintaining the cleanliness of your coffee station and preventing potential stains on your countertops.

  • Protect Countertops: Designed to shield your surfaces from burns, scratches, and stains, the Matace Coffee Mat is an indispensable safeguard for your kitchen, preserving the beauty and integrity of your countertops against the heat and friction associated with coffee brewing.

  • Anti-Slip: The rubber backing ensures that everything stays in place, providing stability for dishes, cups, and appliances, even in the presence of spills or wet surfaces.

  • Easy Maintenance: The Matace Coffee Mat is not just about protection and aesthetics; it's also incredibly easy to care for. Whether you choose to wipe it clean, rinse it off, or even put it in the washing machine or dishwasher, this mat is designed for hassle-free maintenance.


As we've explored the rich diversity of coffee types and brewing methods, the role of practical accessories like coffee mats in enhancing the coffee-making experience becomes clear. Incorporating a Matace Coffee Mat into your setup not only protects your surfaces but also adds an element of style to your coffee station. Whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or just beginning your journey into the world of coffee, the right tools and accessories can make all the difference.

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