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How to Clean Dog Pee from the Carpet

Pee and poop accidents are one of every pet parent's biggest nightmares (don't even get us started on the number of pee accidents in the puppy phase!). As pet parents, we do our best to train our furry friends to ensure they pee where they have to during their potty breaks - but it doesn't always help! Sometimes, our dogs peep inside our homes on the carpet. And that's where the nightmare starts.
Cleaning up the mess can be a hassle, and replacing the carpet can be expensive. So, why not learn how to clean dog pee from the carpet instead? Here are some simple steps to help you get rid of the mess and odour without having to replace the carpet.

1. Soak Up the Urine With Tissues

It's a wet mess when your dog pees on the carpet - so the first thing you need to do is soak all the urine from the carpet with the help of thick paper towels or a napkin made of absorbent material. Try to absorb as much as possible with the help of the tissue or napkin so that you can proceed to the next step.

2. Pick Out Natural Cleaning Agents From Your Kitchen Cabinet

Cleaning a carpet your dog peed on doesn't require expensive chemical cleaning solutions - you can find them right in your kitchen cabinet! The best cleaning agents are vinegar and baking soda, which remove stains and tackle odour. You have to begin by soaking your carpet with a diluted solution of vinegar and water in equal proportions. Directly applying concentrated vinegar on the carpet may damage it; hence it is best to opt for a diluted solution. If required, carry out a small patch test to check whether vinegar is safe for your carpet or not. 

Allow the vinegar to settle on the carpet for a couple of minutes before you begin blotting it out with a fresh napkin. The stain on the carpet may not vanish instantly; in this case, sprinkle vinegar over it again and repeat the whole process. If the pee stain goes away, but the smell persists, choose baking soda - sprinkle it on the carpet and let it do its magic! Baking soda has odour-absorbent properties and works wonders to help get rid of even the most stubborn smells. 

3. Vacuum the Carpet

Once the stain and smell on the carpet vanish, all you have to do is vacuum the carpet. If any baking soda sediments still appear on the carpet, dust them off with a napkin. Your squeaky clean, odour-free carpet is now fit to use again!

Some Tips to Consider

  • If you don't have vinegar or baking soda handy, use any cleaning product available at home. 
  • If the urine has dried up, you can start by applying a layer of baking soda on the carpet. Follow up with vacuuming and treating it with cleaning solutions or vinegar.
  • Getting rid of the smell is essential, as the odour will prompt your dog to pee over the area again. 

These are simple steps to remove pee stains from your carpet - but if you continue to do it, you'd realize that it's quite a task! And if you're looking for an easier way out, you can always consider carpets that are easier to clean, remove, and reinstall - and Matace carpets perfectly fit the bill! 

A blonde sits on a gray bed talking on her cell phone with a computer in her lap. There are two lovely pet dogs beside her.

Introducing Matace Carpet Squares : The Easiest Way to Clean Dog Pee from the Carpet

Cleaning up a pee accident on the carpet can be a hassle - but it doesn't have to be! Matace carpet squares are the perfect solution for pet parents who want an easier way to clean up after their furry friends.
Matace carpet squares come with the 7-layered Mecko Backing system, a powerful technology that revolutionized traditional carpets and made them fit for new-age, modern homes. We offer removable carpet squares so that the next time your dog pees on the carpet, or you end up spilling ketchup on it - cleaning it will be a cakewalk!

The Molecular Gravity principle incorporated in our carpets makes it impossible to move them horizontally. If you wish to remove the carpet, you can do so vertically. Thanks to this impressive feature, you won't even require chemical adhesives to stick Matace carpet squares to your home's flooring. 

Key Benefits of Matace Carpet Tiles

Easy to Replace

If one part of your carpet is spoiled, stained, or worn out, you wouldn't have to replace it completely. Pick out the tile that needs to be replaced and place another one instead! With replaceable carpet squares, you can also instantly change your home's decor theme. 


With Matace carpet squares, you won't require the assistance of a professional to affix the carpet. The carpet tiles are unlike traditional carpets, which require adhesive to affix to the flooring. Our whole idea as a brand was to develop a user-and-DIY-friendly product that will make anyone a carpet expert!


As Matace carpet squares are easily removable, it also becomes super easy to clean. The carpet squares feature a backing system which makes cleaning them super easy. You can clean them in the comfort of your home without worrying about any added expenses or delays caused due to carpet cleaners. 

Reduction in Installation and Maintenance Costs

Why would you spend for the services of a carpet expert, when you can affix the carpet all by yourself? Also, maintaining Matace carpet squares is super easy, and you wouldn't require professional carpet cleaning services to clean your carpets thoroughly. You can clean them at home, that too, with handy cleaning equipment! All in all, you save a lot when installing Matace carpet squares in your home! 

 So, rather than fretting over how to clean dog pee from the carpet, install the Matace carpet squares in your home - easy to install, cost-effective, and easy to maintain! 

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