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What is the Difference Between High Pile Carpet and Low Pile Carpet

What is the Difference Between High Pile Carpet and Low Pile Carpet

 Attention home décor enthusiasts! Are you planning a remodel and wondering what type of flooring to choose? Look no further! Your flooring choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to both style and functionality. And if you haven't heard, carpet is making a major comeback! But now the question is, high pile carpet or low pile carpet? Both options offer unique benefits that can take your home décor to the next level. So, let's dive into the world of carpet and discover which one is the perfect fit for your home. Get ready to step up your flooring game!

Why Knowing the Difference Between Carpet Pile Matters

High Pile Carpet? Low Pile Carpet? It’s not really something that you have to consider every day, so you likely don’t know what that even means, let alone why it matters for your home. Why does knowing the difference between high pile carpet and low pile carpet matter? 

Knowing the difference between low and high pile carpet can help you make an educated choice on what is best for your home needs. Do you have allergies? Are you expecting heavy traffic? Will you place a lot of furniture on top of it? These factors can influence your choice between low and high carpet pile. 

With high carpet pile being a cut thread or hybrid cut and loop thread, you can expect your carpet to feel softer and potentially have a more luxurious feel. Low pile carpet has a tighter looped thread that is more durable and prepared to handle high traffic. What does that mean for you and your carpet pile choice?

Why High Pile Carpet?

Perhaps you are considering flooring that delivers more comfort and feels nice beneath your bare feet. Hands down, that would lead you to lean toward a carpet that has a high pile. Before you buy, here are a few pros and cons of high pile carpet: 


  • Warm:If you happen to live in a cooler climate or typically run on the cold side, high pile carpet will provide you with a warmer environment. You can comfortably wriggle your toes between the fibers without fear that you will get cold.
  • Comfort: Whether you are a floor sitter or you like to move your feet through the fibers, there is no doubt that you will experience more comfort with high pile carpet.
  • Good for Kids: If you have kids, high pile carpet will provide them a safe and comfortable place to play. While it is not a replacement for caution, the thick fibers will be a more enjoyable and softer place for your child when they inevitably fall.


  • Harder to Clean: Unfortunately, high pile carpet is known for difficulty when it comes to cleaning. Messes and stains have a greater chance of being absorbed into the fibers, and cut threads are not capable of displaying patterns that might hide stains.
  • Impacted by Traffic and Furniture: Areas of high traffic will start to wear down much sooner than a lower pile carpet. Furniture placed on top of high pile carpet will also end up leaving the carpet pressed down when moved.
  • Less Stylish: While this is debatable, if you are someone that enjoys a more decorative look that includes patterns, you may not be completely interested in high pile carpet.

Considering the pros and cons, do you think high pile carpet is right for you? 

What is Low Pile Carpet?

Before settling on high pile carpet, if you’re household tends to have more heavy traffic, having a lower carpet pile might be the way to go. Before making a choice, here are the pros and cons of low carpet pile: 


  • Great for Allergies: With the carpet fibers tighter, there are fewer opportunities for pollen and dander to collect within the fibers and increase the likelihood that you will experience seasonal allergies indoors.
  • Stylish: Low pile carpet has much more styles and patterns available for you to choose from when trying to match a unique theme.
  • Durable: This carpet is built to withstand heavy traffic as well as hold heavy furniture without impacting the integrity of the carpet.


  • Hard: Low pile carpet tends to mean a harder surface for you to walk on. Now great for added cushion for falling children, walking barefoot.
  • Colder: With the carpet fibers being tightly looped, the surface will feel colder and less enjoyable if you are someone that runs on the cold side.
  • Less Inviting: For home use, low pile carpet might be nice for some rooms where traffic and heavy furniture might be placed. If you are going for a more welcoming and inviting room, high pile carpet tends to make guests and families feel more catered to and at home. 

Now that you know the difference, is low pile carpet something you’re after?

Experience Versatility With Removable Carpet Tile

Fortunately for you, making the choice today doesn’t mean that you are forced to wait another ten years before you have to remove and replace your flooring. With removable carpet tile, your choice just got easier as you can easily decorate your home with something that might be right for you.

Placing Matace directly on top of the existing hard surface gives you the peace of mind that you are not making a semi-permanent renovation, while also offering you more choices. The traditionally less stylish high pile carpet can now have designs and patterns specially created by you. Just place them in any pattern or arrangement you like and enjoy your creation. 

Each room can display different patterns, colors, and pile depending on the need. What would have traditionally been a logistical and expensive nightmare is as simple as placing large puzzle pieces down however you want them to look.

Start Your Home Renovation

Are you tired of looking at the same outdated flooring in your home? It's time to give your space the upgrade it deserves with a stunning home renovation! Whether you're into high or low carpet pile, one thing is for sure - now is the perfect time to start your renovation journey.

Don't let the fear of commitment hold you back from choosing the perfect flooring. Say goodbye to traditional flooring and hello to the ultimate in flexibility and style with Matace Carpet tiles. These tiles are the ideal solution to give your floors a fresh, modern look without the permanence of traditional flooring options. Trust us, your home decor will thank you for it!

So why wait? Start your home renovation today with Matace Carpet tiles and transform your space into the home of your dreams.

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