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Matace removable carpet tiles saves your effort to handle furnitures, rendering an easy, breezy experience in carpet installation.

A New Way To Deal With Your Furniture During Carpet Installation

 Are you looking to add a touch of style and class to your home, office, or business with new carpeting? While carpet installation can be a fantastic investment, it often requires a lot of hard work and can be quite expensive. Luckily, there's a solution: Matace carpet's removable carpet tiles.

These innovative tiles make carpet installation a breeze, allowing you to quickly revitalize your flooring without breaking the bank. The best part? You won't have to worry about moving heavy furniture or enduring long installation times. Matace carpet tiles are compact and easy to install, saving you time and hassle.

Say goodbye to the stress of traditional carpet installation and say hello to Matace carpet's removable carpet tiles. Upgrade your space today and enjoy a stylish and hassle-free flooring solution that will stand the test of time.

The Inconvenience of Furniture Removal for Carpet Installation

Are you thinking of getting new carpets installed in your home? If so, you might be dreading the inconvenience of having to move all your furniture out of the room. It can be a huge hassle, especially if you have a lot of heavy pieces that are difficult to move on your own.

But don't worry, there are options! While many carpet installers require you to move your furniture yourself, some professionals offer furniture removal as part of their service. While there may be an additional cost, it could save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

However, keep in mind that some items might be too heavy or fragile for the installers to move, such as water beds, pool tables, and pianos. In such cases, you may need to hire a third party to move them safely.

With the right preparation and help, you can make your carpet installation a breeze and have your new carpets looking perfect in no time!

Here're some other methods used during traditional carpet installation for handling furniture:

  • Many installers rely on the musical chair method for moving furniture during installation. This method involves shifting furniture to another location within the same room while having the carpet installed and then shifting it back to its original location. Although you don't need additional storage for this method, it's a labor-intensive technique that requires a lot of effort.
  • You can also store your furniture in the garage or shed if you have one. This method requires you to make enough space in these locations for your furniture while ensuring these items are well protected from weather and rodents, both of which can be time-consuming and challenging.
  • Another method is to rent a short-term storage unit which comes at a considerable cost for the storage unit itself and the transportation of the furniture from your space to the storage unit.

    In other words, you must do a lot of prep work before any carpet arrives or is installed. And even if you use carpet tiles, most brands require a lengthy set time of at least 24 hours. This means you can’t use the room or place any of your furniture back into the room for at least that amount of time. This can be frustrating and inconvenient. As such, the installation timeframe can go up to a few days, depending on the area, type, and amount of furniture you have and the furniture handling method you choose.

    This is because the weight of the furniture can cause deep impressions that can reach the adhesive and damage the bond. If you replace the furniture without waiting, the carpet will have permanent indents due to damage to the adhesive. Although you can walk on the carpet pretty quickly, putting your furniture on it is another story.

    We don’t mean to scare you away from installing your new carpet! In fact, you can avoid all of these hassles by simply choosing Matace removable carpet tiles.      

    Why Should You Consider Matace Removable Carpet Tiles?

    Matace removable carpet tiles are compact, adhesive-free, and easy to install or remove. They're a game changer for carpet installation. They're not glued or taped down to the floor. You can simply lay it on top of your existing flooring.

    You just need to displace the furniture along the area where you need to install the tiles and move your furniture back into place after the tiles are placed, then continue placing tiles over adjacent areas.

    Matace removable carpet tiles are also easy to replace if the need arises. You can remove only the tiles that need changing, leaving the rest of the carpet in place. This means you can give your home a whole new look in just a few minutes. Similarly, if you need to work or look at the floor beneath, you can do so easily. Just remove the tile around the area of concern, and you're all set.

    These tiles are available in various designs and creative options, so you can easily choose a color that works well with the décor of your house. Even better, there's no need to wait for adhesives to dry. If you are in the market for carpet tiles, Matace removable carpet tiles cannot be beat.

    The Bottom Line

    Transform your home or office into a stylish haven without breaking a sweat! With Matace's removable carpet tiles, you'll say goodbye to the headache of clearing out all your furniture or waiting for glue to dry. Our easy-to-install tiles give you the flexibility to unleash your creativity and save both your hard-earned money and precious time. With endless design possibilities, Matace carpet tiles are the perfect solution to give your space a chic upgrade. Don't settle for a boring and outdated floor. Upgrade it effortlessly with Matace!

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