Different Between Natural Wool Carpet and Artificial Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet Care & Maintenance Guide

Wool is a natural fiber, so its length is limited, and wool carpets will shed their hair during use.

  1. In the cutting process of wool carpet manufacturing, some small wool fiber fragments fall into the fluff gaps of the carpet. Although it will have been treated with a vacuum cleaner, it is unavoidable that there will still be some debris that cannot be vacuumed, and still remain in the fluff, which you won’t be able to see if you don't look carefully. Therefore, you may think you see a lot of wool shedding, but it is just the residue from the production process.
  1. After the production of the wool carpet is completed, the fixing strength of some of the wool fibers in the yarn will be slightly weaker, so that in the process of use, the yarn is pulled out by forces such as those from stepping, and the fibers are scattered on the surface of the carpet.
  1. There is also the depreciation and aging of the carpet after use, as the tension of the yarn gradually decreases, leading to more yarn being yanked out.
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Daily maintenance of wool carpets

Dry the Carpet Regularly

Wool tends to accumulate dirt, and it exhibits a high degree of water absorption, especially in damp places. If it is not exposed to the sun for a long time, it is likely to develop mites. Therefore, when a wool carpet sheds its fibers, it is important to dry it regularly. Proper drying can maintain the toughness of wool carpet fibers, reduce the production of floating hair, and can remove insects and moisture. But it should be noted that wool carpets should not be exposed to direct sunlight for too long, otherwise they will fade. After drying, lightly pat them to remove dust and mites.

Periodic Cleaning

Many people will throw wool carpet into the washing machine for convenience, which is highly inadvisable. Such household maintenance methods can dramatically impact the fibers of the carpet or even directly destroy the wool. After drying, much floating hair will be produced, causing the wool carpet to shed. Therefore, wool carpets should generally be cleaned and maintained professionally.

Use Insecticides with Caution

Insecticides, preservatives, and moisture-proofing agents contain a lot of chemical components and are corrosive. If they are directly placed on the surface of wool carpets, they will have a corrosive effect and cause fiber or yarn breakage. To avoid shedding in wool carpets, use insecticides with caution. As mentioned before, the best way to remove insects and moisture from wool carpets is through physical methods such as drying.

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Excellent Alternative to Wool Carpets

Removable Plush Carpet Tiles

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  • Material - 100% PET Polyester with Mecko backing system
  • Color System - 100% Solution Dyed
  • Construction - Tufting Yarn
  • Tile Size - 9.84" x 39.37"
  • Thickness - 1.13 in
  • Pile Weight - 78 oz/sq yd
  • Package - 8 tiles - 21.53 sq ft/ case
  • Traffic Type - Medium (This Traffic type works well across any use in the home)

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