Like putting down a temporary deposit - Matace’s 180-day trial and Lifetime Warranty guarantee your happiness!

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A Truly New Generation Residential Carpet Is One You Can:

Return for 180-day as easily as sending an email.
And send in for a replacement or repair if there’s ever a flaw - for life.

180-Day Trial

You Can Try Matace Risk-free for 180 Days

Lifetime Warranty

We Guarantee Matace for As Long As You Own the Carpet

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Free Shipping

Your Matace Carpet Will Be Delivered Free of Charge

Take 180 Days

See How Well You And Matace Are Getting Along. Then Make The Commitment.

You never really know how you feel about your removable carpet tiles until it’s been with you through...

Enjoying time with your kids

We can provide a happy and safe environment

Having Fun with Your Pets

Don't worry they make a mess

Reading Your Favorite Books Anywhere

No Bed, No Sofa, No Problem

With Matace, you have 180 days to confidently say yes to spending your money on it.

And If You Decide It’s Not Right For Any Reason...

Returning It Is As Easy As An Email.

Customers love us


Suction on the floor
My son loves running on the carpet, the removable carpets are non-slip and safe. Since day 1, we have both loved it and highly recommend it to anyone.

- Katie P.


Better than traditional carpets
Seamless surface and revolutionary backing. Don't worry about the floor, no residue will be left. I'm very optimistic about removable carpet tiles.

- Conner B.


I Love It !!!
I can’t believe I waited so long to replace my old carpet. I love Matace removable carpet tile and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

- Valentine L.


Easy to keep clean
I like white, but white carpets are especially prone to stains and dirt. I searched numerous different brands online and ultimately decided to go with a Matace removable carpet tiles.

- Melissa W.


Smart removable carpet
I did it with my son. He is more talented than me :P We will buy more cases and let him decorate his bedroom.

- Joseph W.

When You Buy Matace, You’re Investing
In The Belief That, Even 180 Days Later, You’ll Be Thrilled.

And If You’re Not? Returns Are Easy.

Exactly what I was expecting

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If you try your Matace for 180 days and decide to return it...

Call Us at (863) 323-6663 within your 180-day trial or email

Matace will help you find a local donation centre for your carpets.

Matace will send you a refund, in whatever form you paid for it.