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Matace Carpet - A Smarter Choice

Removable carpet is a product classification, but it’s also a concept. Matace aims to redefine our perception of carpets. This means easy installation, quick removal or rearrangement, and simple replacement a piece at a time whenever you want. In other words, install as you like, remove as you want. We move for work, move for education, and we move for the people we care about. We don't want to be held back by things that restrict us.

Leon is the founder of Matace. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the carpet manufacturing industry and got his inspiration from refrigerator stickers before deciding to redefine residential carpets.

Matace removable carpets not only have the softness and comfort of traditional luxury carpets, but they can also be replaced and cleaned as a single piece. Now, people no longer need expensive carpet cleaning services. Everyone can maintain their home’s elegance in a simpler way.

Matace: install as you like, remove as you want.

Removable Carpets vs. Traditional Carpet Tiles


When installing traditional carpet tiles, you need to read the instructions carefully and use the installation accessories correctly to pack the carpet and install it well. Matace removable carpets only require you to mop the floor clean first, then start installation right away. Go where your own ideas lead you.


Residential carpet tiles evolved from commercial carpet tiles, which sacrificed comfort in exchange for better abrasion resistance to cope with the demand of high traffic areas. Matace uses more comfortable materials and is specifically designed for residential use.

Cleaning And Maintenance

If you use traditional carpets, you may have spent considerable time and money trying to keep them clean and maintained. Matace is undoubtedly a smarter choice.

Who is removable carpet suitable for?

If you drink coffee and other beverages or eat on the carpet.

If you don’t like cleaning carpets and don’t want to spend the money on carpet cleaning services.

If you intend to move often.

If you want to take better care of your living environment.

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