Customers Love Us


Suction on the floor
My son loves running on the carpet, the removable carpets are non-slip and safe. Since day 1, we have both loved it and highly recommend it to anyone.

- Katie P.


Better than traditional carpets
Seamless surface and revolutionary backing. Don't worry about the floor, no residue will be left. I'm very optimistic about removable carpet tiles.

- Conner B.


I Love It !!!
I can’t believe I waited so long to replace my old carpet. I love Matace removable carpet tile and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

- Valentine L.


Easy to keep clean
I like white, but white carpets are especially prone to stains and dirt. I searched numerous different brands online and ultimately decided to go with a Matace removable carpet tiles.

- Melissa W.

What Are the Benefits of Using Removable Carpet Tiles?

Super Quick Installation

Enjoy a better capet at any time from any room with anyone! Matace: go where your own ideas lead you.

Never Sacrifice Comfort

Flexible and comfortable. Matace uses more comfortable materials and is specifically designed for residential use.

Easy Replace & Clean

With Matace, you will never need to worry about spending a lot of time and money keeping your carpets clean.

Matace Carpet - A Smarter Choice

Removable carpet is a product classification, but it’s also a concept. Matace aims to redefine our perception of carpets. This means easy installation, quick removal or rearrangement, and simple replacement a piece at a time whenever you want. In other words, install as you like, remove as you want. We move for work, move for education, and we move for the people we care about. We don't want to be held back by things that restrict us.

Leonardo is the founder of Matace. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the carpet manufacturing industry and got his inspiration from tangram before deciding to redefine residential carpets.

Matace removable carpets not only have the softness and comfort of traditional luxury carpets, but they can also be replaced and cleaned as a single piece. Now, people no longer need expensive carpet cleaning services. Everyone can maintain their home’s elegance in a simpler way.

Matace: Install As You Like, Remove As You Want.