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Indoor Carpet: It's Not Just A Thing Under Your Feet

Every one of us has different expectations for indoor carpet at home, but no matter whether we want simple, fashionable, or retro, we all want to come home after a busy day and take off all the stress and worries when we’re taking off our jacket. Drink a cup of your favorite coffee and listen to the BLUES. If the floor material of the home is too hard and the floor tiles are too cold, then this kind of enjoyment will be greatly reduced. The material in direct contact with the soles of our feet should be soft and warm, so choosing a suitable carpet to decorate the ground is a great choice. It can make your feet feel comfortable and increase the beauty of your floors at the same time.


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The fibers and fabric in soft carpeting are warmer and more comfortable than any other material. The softness can be classified according to the material. Fiber has a natural luster, good warmth retention, and does not easily absorb dust and hair over time, so it is easy to be taken care of. Another big advantage is its flame retardancy, as it can be extinguished by itself in case of fire, so there is no need to worry that the carpet will become the catalyst of the fire. The price of pure wool carpet is more expensive, and if it is hand-woven pure wool carpet, the price will be even more expensive. It also has the shortcoming of relatively poor durability and a relatively short service life, so polyester or chemical fiber carpets have since appeared. For public spaces, such as hotel lobbies, movie theaters, airports, offices, and other business spaces, what we see are basically chemical fiber carpets, which are made of 100% chemical fibers such as acrylic or nylon. 

Acrylic or Nylon Carpet

The greatest advantage of these carpet types is that they are very strong and not easily damaged, even if countless people are stepping on it thousands of times a day. At the same time, they can feel as comfortable as other fiber carpets and as flexible as stepping on thick grass.

The disadvantage are that they are easy to get dirty, easily absorb dust and hair, and need to be cleaned frequently. There is also the plastic carpet. This kind of non-fiber carpet is made of resin and polymer. It has no fiber fluff, but it is also soft in texture, bright in color, and flame retardant. It naturally self-extinguishes when exposed to fire and is waterproof as well.

This is what we see the most in the entrances of hotels and shopping malls. There are also many plastic carpets in bathrooms at home, which can serve with a good anti-slip effect.

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Grass or Straw Indoor Carpets

Finally, we are also all familiar with (grass) straw carpets, also called plant fiber carpets, which use natural grass, cane, hemp, etc. The most common among these are sisal carpets, which are dyed after the stems or leaves of plants are dried. They are knitted into various patterns in various ways, then glued and vulcanized to make the carpet. Its decorative effect is very simple and natural, and it is easy to clean, but the comfort on the feet is relatively poor, and they are basically inflexible and inelastic.

When we select carpets, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, but we also need to understand our carpet laying and decoration methods. When choosing carpets in the living room or bedroom, many people like to spread them evenly across the floor to create an overall atmosphere of spaciousness and form a uniform decorative effect. Then you can choose the whole carpet in rolls. This kind of carpet has a fixed width. Use each piece of splicing to cover the entire floor, or choose a block carpet, which is similar to the splicing of floor tiles to form the effect of the whole floor.

Straw indoor Carpets

Choosing a Carpet

The former is more integrated, but it is not convenient to replace when it is stained; the latter is easy to replace when it is partially stained. If the flower shape of each piece is different, the position can be changed at will to create different patterns. But when we feel that the paving effect is good, but the cost is relatively high and too extravagant, then we can choose a single block carpet with a specific shape to partially decorate the ground, which will not only increase the comfort of the ground but also break the monotony of large tiles or wooden floors. At the same time, indoor areas with different functions can be implicitly divided. The block carpets we are most familiar with are square, round, oval, etc. These patterns are mostly well-known for Persian carpets. There are also more artistic and personalized flower shapes or animal shapes. When choosing a block carpet, pay attention to the choice of size. If it is used in the living room, it is best to lay the carpet under the sofa. Don’t just put it under the coffee table, or it will be too stingy; if it is used in the dining room, it should also be laid under all the dining chairs as they sit during dining; when laying a block carpet in the bedroom, it is usually laid on the side of the bed near the door, and the pattern and color can be selected according to the style of the space.

At present, the style of carpet basically includes classical, modern, natural, pastoral, and so on. When it comes to carpets, many people's minds first think of exotic carpets, especially handmade carpets of the Arab ethnic group, with gorgeous patterns. This type of carpet continues the classical pattern, revealing an elegant and noble atmosphere, echoing luxurious and elegant nostalgic retro furniture. Many of these are exquisite handmade pure wool carpet treasures, and many collectors love them. This type of classical carpet is a symbol of status. It is suitable for matching with imported furniture and western furniture. It is placed in classical European-style home furnishings. It is closely related to traditional themes, such as original oil paintings, lamp stands, and stained-glass windows. Match with a thick leather sofa. 


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Door Rug


With all of that said, let's help you solve some of the problems you may encounter when using indoor carpets. First of all, if the furniture is in contact with the carpet for a long time, it is easy to become worn and its service life will also be shortened. Therefore, it is best to place special protective pads under all the furniture to protect the carpet and reduce the degree of wear. It is inevitable that there will always be floating hairs and fibers during the use of the carpet, so we recommend that you often use a vacuum cleaner to clean these up. If stains and messes can’t be cleaned with a dry cleaning method, then wipe them with a damp cloth and dry in a cool place. You can wipe it with a clean towel soaked in hot water, then gently blow dry with a hair dryer. Finally, comb it straight with a comb, or iron it with a wet cloth and an iron pad, so that the long-haired carpet can be restored to its original state. This may be one of the reasons why most people don't like to choose carpets, which are not as simple and convenient as hardwood floors and floor tiles for maintenance.

Comfortable flooring decorating our floors while enriching the color and pattern of the space allows us to relax from head to toe, and lets us deeply experience the taste of home.

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